Thursday, December 23, 2010

American motel culture

There are actually two concepts of motel: one is the habitat of driving halfway travel hotels, the city's suburbs in the United States and the city outskirts street everywhere, and people live in a motel parking is its biggest advantage is that convenience, followed by the price than the city hotels, guest houses, much cheaper.
Almost two-tier structure of these motels have a simple reception and food and beverage, complimentary breakfast the morning of visitors --- bread, cakes and other pastries and milk, fruit juice, cola and other beverages. Motel rooms are generally double, with air conditioning, color TV, mini fridge, bath and vanity between health, living together is quite comfortable. The other is specifically for the car's motels, has a wide parking space, where the combination of a car stopped, the hotel can provide water for the car, electricity, gas or oil supplies necessary, so that car to work, to become worthy of the name "mobile home." Car owner, of course do not have to register another hotel.

Electric cars brings innovation enlightenment

Nissan (Nissan) that customers are mainly used for electric vehicles will be some short-haul routes around the city, this view reflects the majority of people now use the purpose of electric vehicles. The company's products are related to limited range of 8 hours of charging time required.
General Motors (GM) believe that customers expect the kinetic energy of the performance of electric vehicles can be like a traditional gasoline-powered cars. Therefore, the company's products have a backup engine when the power runs out you can use it to power cars.
Electric car companies in these new products to the mass market before the market spread quickly in many views, we discuss very well attended. For example, published in Monday's "The Wall Street Journal" has an article entitled "the future of electric vehicles difficult road," the article, Johnson Controls (Johnson Control), a staff member in the article pointed out: "the electric car the proportion of driving a car in the United States is 3%. "another American agree on this point, he believes in some emergency situations, such as" with a sick child to the doctor ", who suddenly find car customers without electricity will find electric cars dealers.
Of course, a similar point of view does not mean that these views will surely become a reality. There are many similarities in history the bold declaration was eventually proved wrong, and many of the great innovators of their ideas initially have doubts.

Personality car stick become fashion trend

Personalized car stickers as new clothing, as the owner's personality embodies the charm, some, such as "Do not chase, I am married," "people near point, far point of cars and trucks" and other humorous people food for thought. Construction of road in the provincial capital, a car beauty shop, selling a wide range of personalized car sticker price is not expensive, 5 yuan, 10 yuan, 30 per month. "Tell you a secret, I drink," "catch me no matter who brake grid", personalized car stickers, some humorous, some sharp piece. Car beauty shop staff told reporters, "hit me, just short of money!" Is the shop selling the most "fire". The more personality, more easy to sell.
Taobao, the reporter through the keyword "car stickers" search and found more than 80 million pieces of related goods and car stickers, car stickers not only these types of more colorful, even humorous language, and some can also Taobao shop owner will custom personalized car stickers. Ms. Chen recently purchased a car, in order to dress up their car unique, really spent a lot of thought. She chose a reading "Single owner, no primary flowers, looking handsome gray pot with a larger machine" car stickers, Ms Chan said: "buy this this paste, the main language of humor that, in ridicule while also Happy to find points. "
Interview that in recent years, car stickers as part of car culture, has been in the domestic popularity, car stickers and cultural Gradually more and more vehicle owners recognized. In the interview, many owners said after the fashion of 80, car stickers the performance of their own personality, some even designed by the deliberate pursuit of "unconventional."

Auto coloured drawing show you enjoy the automobile culture

Fashion, the pursuit of individuality, I am afraid that drivers often have dreamed of direction. With the acceleration into the family car, the simple pursuit of alternative vehicles seemed impossible, but the owner has many ways you can make your car look different. Many young family chose to car modification, but for ordinary consumers, cost huge amounts of money to the modified car does not seem realistic, then how can be done to save money and highlight the personality? Automotive painting is probably a good choice.
Automotive painting is mainly individuality, a way of highlighting the self. Journalists believe, originated in Europe and developed countries, the car painted car, in fact, back in the last century has been very popular, but this car culture in China has not yet developed. Because the U.S. and Europe are more particular about personal things, into the family car not a long time, many people will be thinking of staying in the pursuit of stylish individuality of the new car, absolutely does not think you can create car paint, so in the current domestic production of automotive painting not many people, only some people are just playing individual car owners, did not spread to the general public. But with the car speed into the family, the pursuit of individual, more and more people believe that car painted in the next few years or ten years there will be a rapid process of development. After all, just listed the new car and then fashion, then personality, in a very short time there will be many people who have exactly the same car with you can be spray painted car is rare, "Zhuangshan" situation.

Chevrolet drives future with green technology

Chevrolet unveiled the brand strength to carry a variety of new car: From the world premiere electric concept car Volt MPV5 and Asia starting concept car Aveo RS, to be listed in June and the new Sail hatchback market by the end of the new Spark, then Section Lutz and other current production car, the Chevrolet sport-style design, fun to drive handling characteristics, environmental protection and energy saving features of the future of technology in the booth on the three major product performance to be realized. The auto show, Chevrolet not only brought in line with international trends in environmental protection small-displacement mass-produced car, to debut electric concept also describes the future of green travel products, the concept outlined in the roadmap and the future.
Not only is the reduction of green Chevrolet on display at the show's brand DNA, is the concept throughout the company. Ding, general manager of GM in this year's Boao Forum for Asia, said in an interview, the company argue that the new energy vehicles are not advancing the absolute mean rising costs, the key to scale, and the overall consumer environment encouraged. This makes green cars have to do multi-faceted: manufacturers have better technology products; government better incentives; consumers have a better idea of the green. Three-pronged approach to expand the scale together, the cost will naturally decrease. Chevrolet at the Beijing auto show on many models, are reflected in the various attempts of green cars.
Cars in the United States is one of the largest, Chevrolet has accumulated sales volume has been close to 200 million, created every 7.2 seconds to sell a Chevrolet car of the world record. To enter the Chinese market, especially the Cruze, the new process and new Sail King's successful performance in the market makes the Chevrolet "trustworthy, young, vibrant," the brand personality is growing in popularity.
Chevrolet brand to three brand DNA - sporty design, Fun to Drive fun to drive performance and handling future of green energy technology, solid practice green in China's future development blueprint.

Talented girl Sa dingding and opel yates

Set lyricist, composer, arranger, production in one of the Sa Dingding, launched a personal new album, "Everything students", Sa Dingding has therefore entered the UK's BBC World Music Award nominations.
"We have to first stop was Japan. Japanese car outstanding convenience and user-friendly. I attended every event, the organizers will follow the arrangements for distance and the number of followers of different models of cars. I was sitting at the most production MPV, use it to drive twenty or thirty day notice was not more tired. "Sa Dingding says to wait until the headquarters of Universal Music UK, car culture is another way. "I and assistant organizers to arrange the Mercedes-Benz S600, the driver came to my hotel early to wait, he wants a smooth driving on the road, so I can look in the busy landscape of England picture, showing the pace of life is the English gentleman leisurely. "
Sa Dingding has an Opel Astra, Opel Astra single door to buy more than 1 year, which is characterized by initial fast, strong grip, high-speed light. "I like listening to music while driving, need this kind of stable environment, Astra make me very satisfied."

Unique American automobile culture

Mr. Du Jie, told reporters in 1968, the United States market, domestic brands accounted for more than 90%, European brands account for about 7%, Asia is less. The oil crisis of the late 70s that had little in the market share of Japanese cars reached the U.S. market, coupled with baby boomers said before, they are rebellious generation, Americans are very patriotic and traditional, only buy American cars are different. This generation of baby boomers more emphasis on practical. And the United States is a nation of immigrants, the population changes in the structure so that Japanese cars increased. Xu Guozhen, senior automotive expert analysis to reporters in 1960, the United States is basically no foreign brands, non-local brands in the U.S. market is not all-powerful. Although Volkswagen entered the United States for many years, but had not amount to anything, and as large-scale attack on Japanese brands, deep secret agents 40 years, Toyota has finally created the world, but even so, any single brand or the brand has never been a country did not occupy half of the American market, not to mention GM in its prime alone accounted for more than 50% market share, even now the decline of the U.S. "Big Three", although only add up to less than 50% market share, but the remaining share is divided by a number of brands.
    Ford Asia-Pacific region, senior U.S. expert on Mr. Yang Yong told reporters, as the leading brand, Chevrolet, Ford has been ruling the United States for many years, the past ten to fifteen years, Japan, Europe, South Korean brands in the U.S. market share very quickly However, the brand also renewed U.S. efforts to build a new brand image, gain market share. Some analysts believe that, after several years of efforts, the United States the status of the brand line may also be obtained, and in the years to maintain.